Capuchin HIV/AIDS Services
Zambia, Africa

Welcome to the CHAS  Web Site!

Capuchin HIV/AIDS Services is a Community Faith Based, Non- Government Organization of the Roman Catholic
Church,  managed by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars  and situated in Zambia, Africa.

Over the past ten years of professional and quality service, Capuchin HIV/AIDS Services (CHAS) has freely
assisted people and they share their lives and express their needs in a confidential, secure, safe and healthy

CHAS works in conjunction with HIV/AIDS Organizations in Zambia, Africa and throughout the world in assisting
those who are infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and their families. Since we are small and mobile we
are able to tailor many assistance programs and acts of Charity to the on-the-ground realistic, felt needs of our

CHAS reaches out to all segments of society, always with a clearly defined and expressed preferencial  option for
the poor.
CHAS's two greatest qualities are its availability to non-judgmentally Confidential, Qualified and Quality
to all who come to CHAS; and its ability to make all who come for help feel respected, heard,
understood and filled with hope so that they are able to follow through with positive life choices.

CHAS is participating in setting up the HIV/AIDS management guidelines for Zambia, presenting proposals
for global funding, networking and partnering with doctors and medical personnel at hospitals and hospices, finding
school shoes for the child of a female head of  household who is HIV/AIDS positive and needs help, or holding a
hand of a dying AIDS patients and praying for their passing.  
CHAS is there!.

quietly works with other organizations in cooperative relationships that over the past six years gained CHAS
the respect, assistance and friendship of many in the HIV/AIDS fields of prevention, testing, and support.

CHAS’s philosophy is “Respect for All”.  Its people-centered Counseling Service is available to those who need
to share the burden of their struggles with HIV/AIDS in a safe, healthy environment, where they can make decisions
about life choices without fear of judgement or rejections.  They can once again regain hope, even in the face of the
harsh realities of HIV Positive Status, whether it be themselves or their loved ones who are ill.

CHAS is available to help in whatever ways it possible can. with a staff that is constantly coming up with new ideas
on how to reach out with compassion and to offer hope for those suffering with HIV/AIDS.  
Tel/Fax: 260-1-252553
6 Chilekwa Mwamba Road
P.O.Box 50682 RW
Friar Charles Hanley
Tambukenu Mwane, Vandumbwami!
Welcome Neighbors!
Get Involved! Reach out to family and friends whom you have yet to meet!
They are waiting for you, your prayers, and your caring smile!

                              CHAS assists people in their healing process at their request, to return control and peace back in the    
                                         hope, care and security needed to sustain their relationships and day to day routines.
                              CHAS has over the years of its existence upheld its policy of non-discrimination and the only true.          
                               CHAS agenda is its sincere desire to bring peace to the chaotic shattered lives of those enduring           
                                         devastation due to loss and the betrayal and isolation that often accompanies it.

At CHAS all are welcome!
You are Welcome!